who are we?
ESTUDI HÈLIX is an architecture and urban design firm. We started working under this name in 1984. More information [+]
ESTUDI HÈLIX is a company that specialises in the INTEGRATION OF BUILDING AND CITY PLANNING within the same study. This approach allows us to work on projects involving urban planning, urban management, urbanisation or building, and in particular those in which all these areas are combined. More information [+]
ESTUDI HÈLIX offers a wide range of services based on experience gained in both the private and the public sectors by the founding members, architects Josep Soler Barceló, Joan Rosselló Raventós and Pere Marsé Ferrer, and architectural technician Miquel Cols Arnan with the partner, the architect, César Ignacio González Bertran.
ESTUDI HÈLIX complements its internal structure with specialist architects and technicians from other disciplines, and collaborates regulary with industrial engineer Manuel Comas Olivella, the structural consulting firm Nolac and the environmental consultancy Adedma.
Comerç, 26 - 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona (SPAIN) - Tel. +34 93 817 16 11 - Fax. +34 93 817 34 12 - E-mail helix@coac.cat
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